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Photo Gallery

Central Lutheran Church

Child Care Center Fundraiser

(August 2023)

Wednesdays in the Park (August 2023)

Buffalo City, Wisconsin

Winona History Center Jazz Cruise (Aug. 2023)

Rhythm by the River (July 2023)

Fountain City, Wisconsin

Habitat “Rock the Block” (July 2023)

Winona Volunteer Services Fundraiser (July 2023)

“Open Your Heart Challenge”

Salem Glen Winery Jazz Lawn Party (July 2023)

with John Sievers

River Valley Raptors


(June 2023)

Winona County Historical Society Fundraiers (May 2023)

Winona Farmers Market

Fundraiser (April 2023)

Land Stewardship Project

Fundraiser (March 2023)

Winona Symphony Orchestra

Children’s Concert Fundraiser (Feb. 2023)

Rochester City Jazz Fest Residency

Thesis Beer Project (Feb. 2023)

Friends of the Winona Public Library

Fundraiser (Jan. 2023)

Engage Winona Fundraiser

(Dec. 2022)

Winona Afghan Support Network Fundraiser (Nov. 2022)

Grace Place 30th Anniversary Celebration (Oct. 2022)

Sandbar Storytelling Festival

Fundraiser (Oct. 2022)

‘Sweet Sounds’ - Lutheran Campus Center

Fundraiser (Oct. 2022)

Ready Set School Fundraiser (Sept. 2022)

Friends of the Refuge Headwaters Fundraiser (Aug. 2022)

I-90 Adopt-a-Highway Pickup (August 2022)

Winona Farmers Market Fundraiser (July 2022)

Steele County

History Center

Jazz on the Patio

(June 2022)

River Arts Alliance Fundraiser (June 2022)

GaleStar Showcase - Galeville, WI (June 2022)

HBC 25th Anniversary

(May 2022)

MN Marine Art Museum (May 2022)

Winona Outdoor Collaborative

Fundraiser (May 2022)

Roaring 20s with Margaret Cassidy

at Old Main - Galesville, WI (April 2022)

Winona Friendship Center Fundraiser (April 2022)

Winona Volunteer Services

MN FoodShare Fundraiser

(March 2022)

Winona Community Warming Center Fundraiser

(Feb. 2022)

Winona Arts Center Fundraiser (Jan. 2022)

Winona Immigration Network Fundraiser (Dec. 2021)

Winona Main Street Fundraiser (Nov. 2021)

Winona Symphony Fundraiser

(Oct. 2021)

Winghaven Pizza Farm with guest drummer Steve Kulas (Oct. 2021)

Ready Set School Fundraiser (Sept. 2021)

Central Lutheran  Jazz Worship



(Aug. 2021)

Grace Place Fundraiser

(August 2021)

Jazz at Merrick (WI) State Park (July 2021)

Great River Shakespeare Festival Fundraiser (July 2021)

Steele County History Center

Jazz on the Patio (June 2021)

Winona Area Humane Society Fundraiser

(June 2021)

Project FINE Fundraiser

(May 2021)

First Jazz Jam Fundraiser - Winona Volunteer Services (April 2021)

Island City Jazz Jam - March 2021

(first since June 2020!)

Island City Jazz Jam - June 2020

(First gig after lockdown)

Grace Presbyterian Jazz Worship

Dec. 2019

Rochester City Jazz Fest with John Sievers (2019)

Jazz in Les Fields Hall

at the Castle

Rochester, MN

(March 2019)

Winghaven Pizza Farm

Huge Crowd! (2019)

Steele County History Center

Jazz on the Patio

(July 2019)

With Winona Mayor Mark Peterson (April 2019)

A great night at Island City Jazz Jam! (Winter 2019)

Winghaven Pizza Farm

(Summer 2018)

Free Family Concert

(Aug. 2018)

Steele County History Center

Jazz on the Patio

with Les Fields on trumpet

(MN Music Hall of Fame)

June 2018

Early Island City Brewing Gig (Spring 2018)

Midwest Music Fest

(April 2018)

Café Congo (Winter 2018)

Winona County Historical Society (2017)

Saint Mary’s University Holiday Gathering (Dec. 2017)

Jammin’ with John Paulson (March 2013)

Misato, Japan Fundraiser (March 2013)

Gig One - June 26, 2011

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